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LM098: Mela Melania + ASAF + Jack J live at Back 2 Scales night Vancouver.mp3
In Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood there's a cosy little upstairs bar called The Projection Room. It was, in the not too distant past, an actual projection room for a porno theatre called The Fox which is now used as a music venue on the ground floor. Every Thursday a rotating cast of interesting DJs play music for listeners, dancers and drifters-on-through. Anyone with an open mind is welcome to come and hang out, have a drink and maybe even a dance.

This particular mix was recorded at the Projection Room a few weeks ago during a new monthly night called Back 2 Scales. Ian Prentice (ASAF) hosts the night and invited Mela Melania and Jack J to help inaugurate. It turned out to be a great fun: 3 hours and 23 minutes of synth-pop, 80s oddities, a bit of punk-funk and everything in between. A great way to soundtrack the tail end of summer or the nose end of spring (for everyone down south)!

LM097: Andry presents 最近追加した項目Recently added.mp3
Our friend Andry returns to Libra Mix with another beautiful arrangement of puzzle pieces from left, right, up and of course down. Andry's mix was accompanied by a great explanation of how it came into being which I'll share with you here:

"This mix was made with mostly using my “Recently added”, “Recently played" stuff which was auto-compiled on itunes of June 2018. I notice the “recently added” list of my itunes shows an alternative interest of my own habit of listening. Although there is definite overlaps but the list is quite different from what I'm "actually listening recently”.
Music gets added in various reason to the list, some which I download not to forget, or some songs been send by my friend, or just testing effects to a random famous song, or simply stuff I bought digitally which I can’t buy on records etc. And the “recently added” list changes so often, the new list gets generated with new stuff I newly added again. And some songs just get lost inside itunes…
I thought it could be a journal type thing to understand my momentum joy.

Stay tuned!


LM096: Chimahiro s Mix.mp3
We're very excited to host a mix from our long time dance floor hero Chimahiro. We first met her in a dance hall in Brussels and we've stayed friends ever since. This mix has that great energy we all love to love: jazz, modern (street) soul, house and a touch of disco. Perfect!

LM095: Adam Rutledge and SMP aka Quilchena Tracks present CF Menu Theme.mp3
Vancouver's SMP returns* to Libra Mix and this time he brings his brother Adam along for the ride. This one is a very unrushed cruise through the flowers: quiet electronics, hushed folk, Black Sabbath. Enjoy!

*See LM070

LM050B: Horiztonal Communication Corridor - Side B.mp3
Wow another one from the vaults. Those who have been following along may remember Libra Mix 50A: ‘Horiztonal Communication Corridor’.

"The Horizontal* Communication Corridor mix has been incubating for more than two years, unheard and lost in Hashman's stacks but now archived here on libramix...Side B will be coming at you soon enough, so please stay tuned and keep checkin' back.”

Well all your checkin’ back has finally paid off and here is side B as promised. Enjoy the ride!


LM094: Pender Street Steppers - Harping on the Viaduct.mp3
Correct me if I’m wrong (I often am) but the last time Pender Street Steppers made an appearance on this website was Libra Mix 31, which could well have been in the year 2014. This mix of fusion, jazz-funk and folk was probably recorded around that same time so I suppose some things never change. Thanks boys.

LM093: Daniel R presents Spirit Music III.mp3
Welcome back. The leaves are turning here in Vancouver, right on time, and so we're very happy to host part 3 of Daniel R's Spirit Music series. After you've had a listen why not take a moment to check out Daniel's amazing cassette label: Isla.

LM092: Lauren Hansom.mp3
Well it's Sunday which means its time for another mix from Australia. This one is from our friend Lauren Hansom, a very talented up and coming DJ from Sydney. Hit play to find out what I'm talking about - thanks Lauren!

LM091: Instant Peterson - Below the Above.mp3
Wow: check out this exciting broadcast from Austral-centric Melbourne based digger Instant Peterson. If you're a fan of obscure and under appreciated Australian produced ambient, electronic dub, downtempo and broken beat etc from the late 80s, 90s and early 00s then I think this mix will be right up your laneway. Click here for more from Instant Peterson.

LM090: Yu Su presents View St Mix.wav
Vancouver favourite Yu Su returns to Libra Mix for a third time with this great collection of upbeat music from around the world. Right click and save... thanks for listening!

LM089: Vera Dvale - fra Dueloftet.mp3
We return from our short break with a beautiful mix by Berlin based artist Vera Dvale. Thoughtfully arranged sounds and music to encourage a slow paced movement into (or out of) hibernation. Includes unreleased tracks from Vera Dvale and her friends, field recordings composed especially for this mix as well as a variety of other music made by humans and animals alike. Enjoy!

LM088: Izabel - Mix.mp3
Here is a very special mix recorded recently in Amsterdam, Europe by our friend Izabel. You're really going to enjoy the beautiful electronics, voices and rhythms from start to finish. Check out Izabel's label, mix series and radio show Lullabies for Insomniacs for more!

LM087: CZ Wang - Cyclic Existence Mix.mp3
CZ Wang (Mood Hut's NY correspondent) answers the call and comes through with an emotional and powerful arrangement for these turbulent times we find ourselves in. Stay strong, everyone!

LM086: Unknown Mobile - Grey Skies Green Leaves.mp3
Unknown Mobile returns with a beautiful mix to end this year. Thank you to the 18,332 unique individuals who visited this page in 2016, wherever you are in this world. We'll be back next year to continue at roughly the same pace.

LM085: JJ meets DD live at Vibe Corridor 14.9.16.mp3
Jack J and DJ D. Dee get together at the bar for 4+ hours of brews and discs. A long, smooth mixture of lovers-rock, modern-soul, soft-rock, jazz-funk and other miscellaneous bits and pieces. This is the longest mix on Libra Mix to date, you can set and forget during gentle evenings with friends and family this holiday season.

LM084: Yu and Ju mix.mp3
This November if you're looking to warm up a cold night or cool down a hot day then you should check out this great transatlantic collaboration by Vancouver's Yu and Vienna's Ju. North or south, hot or cold, this mix will do the trick. Thanks for the music, stay tuned.

LM083: regularfantasy - Arrivederci.mp3
Here we go! It's Regular Fantasy, back at it again in a style you probably won't be able to resist. Whether you're from the island or the mainland we can all agree that this is some of that real party music for real party people. Thanks regularfantasy.

LM082: Bobby Draino presents Smokerings for Libramix.mp3
We’ve finally got a mix on deck from our boy Bobby D all the way from Vancouver. There's all kinds of great music going on in this one so check it out and if you like it why not share the link with a friend?

LM081: Flatic - Abstract Ozisan.mp3
"Flatic is living in Nagano (2 hours far from Tokyo by Shinkansen) now. He is not interesting in any dance music.. work hard daytime job and dig hard on internet every night..As for 'Abstract Ozisan', when he come to Tokyo for his friends wedding, he was shocked to see his friends in Tokyo living in abstract life.. his select is for this mix is inspired by that Ozisan..

LM080: Adi Toohey presents the VIP Lounge.mp3
Special last minute summer transmission from down under: it's Adi Toohey, our favourite deejay from Sydney, Australia. Check out her great radio show on FBI on every Saturday night. Enjoy! 1:03:21

LM079: Liam Butler presents Grip the Mix Vol. 7 - Hard Times but Good Times.mp3
Still the longest running mix series on this website, Grip the Mix returns for part seven. Liam Butler everybody. 1:015:30

LM078: Jay L presents Mellow Mellow Vol II.mp3
Jay L returns with Volume II of his Mellow mix series. Another great arrangement for you and the people you care about. 2:09:00

LM077: Khotin presents Home Music Vol. 1.mp3
If you’re at home this weekend and looking to relax with a playlist by Khotin then this latest home listening mix by Khotin will be just what you’re looking for. Right click and save as. 59:30

LM076: Captain Starlight and Simon Hold - Moon Mix.mp3
Step inside the celestial elevator and ride more than a few levels up with the boys from Brussels. One hour and nine minutes of gravity free music. Dedicated to all those who want to believe. 1:09:04

LM075: Sassy J presents - There Is A Love (Kaleidoscopes Vol 6).mp3
This beautiful arrangement - 'There is a Love’ - was put together for us by Sassy J, the amazing DJ and music lover from scenic Bern, Switzerland. At this point you can just feel free to sit back and enjoy this peaceful and life affirming one hour trip through the alps of your mind. Thank you Sassy J! 1:00:50

LM074: Mayss presents My Blanket Fort.mp3
This new mix comes from Mayss, a long time contributor to Vancouver's music world. Before you hit play, prepare yourself and anyone else who plans on listening to take a heady and very rewarding to the edges of music. 1:02:15

LM073: Claire Milbrath - KAB Radio.mp3
As you know Libra Mix is all about interesting mixes - well Claire Milbrath from Montreal, Canada understands this which might explain why her gentle mix of relaxing film scores, orchestral pieces and instrumental pop songs will be the perfect listening experience all through this spring/fall 2016. According to Claire this mix is inspired by the John Carpenter film "The Fog" (1980) starring a young Jamie Lee Curtis. Check it out! 43:44

LM072: Hashman DeeJay VS CZ Wang.mp3
This dollar bin heatwave was recorded in NYC last summer during Hashman's residency at CZ Wang's residence. Hip hop, jazzy house, highly recommended ride. 1:49:53

LM071: Natural Magic present Be Yellow Mix.mp3
Here's a great mix from the exciting Portland duo Natural Magic, aka M+M, working 24/7 to keep Portland natural, magical and weird! Thanks guys. Right click and save. 1:16:30

LM070: Sam Scott presents SMPs Midwinter Strut.mp3
Our second program of 2016 comes from young West YVR selector Sam Scott. Plenty of warm, salty and sensual selections in here to help shovel the walks of your mind and push you on on through the depths of the season. Stay warm! 1:12:19

LM069: Backroom Boys LIVE on G4E Radio BC.mp3
Let's begin 2016 with a short 2h45m excerpt from the famous dusk until dawn Back Room Boys broadcast on CITR radio. Heard only by those with antennas between Alma and Wreck Beach, now you can hear the BRBs explore their passion for late night radio. Thanks go to Logan W for steering the ship. Starts slowly, ends abruptly. 2:45:00

LM068: Max D presents Wood and Brass In Flux DJ Mix.mp3
During this thoughtful and inspiring mix of music, Max D opens the door to a world where peace and love are real, fear is forgotten and all people from all places are reclining together eternally. Check it out. 1:22:46

LM067: Liam Butler presents Grip the Mix 6 - Draining Cans in the Jardim.mp3
Liam Butler's Grip the Mix #6 is dedicated to all those late nights in the jardim. We hope you had a great summer. 1:11:18

LM066: Neo Image presents Spiritual Groove Vol. 1 ... 88QQ99__11 Pre-flight Mix.mp3
Neo Imageが“Mood Hutのヴァイブス”をパッケージしたミックスは以下からチェック。53:52

LM065: bb.yu presents Ten Ren tribute.mp3
Finally bb.yu has blessed us with a stack of lost n found Hong Kong sidewalk selections + other late night attractions from around the world. Smooth and Jazzy but with a twist - just how we like it. 1:15:20

LM064: DJ Fett Burgers Pub Wave Vol 1.mp3
It's been a long hot summer so far but DJ Fett Burger's Pub Wave Vol. 1 is here just in time. File it under: 100% classic pub tracks. 2:06:39

LM063: Unknown Mobile presents Koots Roots - Interior Grooves.mp3
This mix is a completely unexpected transmission from BC's famous Kootenay region. It's just a very relaxing and interesting mix recorded in Nelson BC. Since BC is on fire right now, we hope that this music will help to clear the smoke from the air and cool the temperature down a few degrees. 59:24

LM062: Jay L - Gemini Mixxx [4 Adults Only].mp3
Here is a mix from our friend Jay L who lives and breathes in his hometown of Bristol England. What can I say about this mix? If you like music you are gonna really like it, so many fantastic selections and just a great vibe from start to finish. 1:09:00

LM061: RAMZi presents: Big Bird Mix.mp3
This mix comes from one of the most exciting producer deejays from Canada today: RAMZi aka Bigbird. It's a great mix from start to finish just press play and let's go. Afterwards, check out the official website of RAMZi here. Highly recommended, thanks! 59:17

LM060: 5ive+Andry - Playlist Sharing (Spring).mp3
This amazing arrangement came to us from 5ive and Andry over there in Japan. Expect what you don't expect, and keep your eyes peeled for the next installation. 1:10:57

LM059: Richard MacFarlane - Mindful Mix.mp3
Well we've finally finished cleaning up after the big office flood that hit us in February and we're back in action! Let's get things started off with this deeply relaxing Mindful mix from our friend Richard Macfarlane. Thanks for your patience. 52:01

Local Artist presents: Mood Hut Mix 10.mp3
Here is a very special one for you! 100% unreleased Mood Hut material collected and selected by Local Artist from Vancouver. Lots of exciting and forthcoming music can be heard in this mix so right click and save as. 1:01:00

LM058: DJ Silk - Evil Chill Out Mix.mp3
Vancouver's DJ Silk comes at us with that classic Libra Mix style we love so much! So many great tracks in this one. If you need more information on DJ Silk check out: this link 2:41:38

LM057: Local Artist - Jazz Mosaic.mp3
Let's just get this new year on the road right now! Libra Mix number 57 is 52 minutes and 59 seconds of hot and jazzy frequencies from Vancouver's Local Artist - let's go! 52:59

LM056: Beautiful Swimmers - Peace Is Alive DJ Mix.mp3
We're so happy to leave 2014 with this one final and beautiful mix by our dear friends from DC: you guessed it, The Beautiful Swimmers. So on the 31st when the clock strikes midnight, wherever you are, whatever time zone on this 1 planet E, why not take a moment to remember: Peace is Alive! Don't forget it, we can have it. See you next year! 55:32

LM055: Liam Butler presents Grip The Mix! 5 - Happy Mondays.mp3
Liam Butler presents the fifth program of the longest running series on Libra Mix. This Grip the Mix is particularly inspired so might we recommend that on this Solstice evening you: kick back in your preferred style + give yourself permission to indulge those deep Winter emotions. Happy holidays! 1:02:56

LM54: Florist presents - Feature Length.mp3
Our good friend Florist finally returns with another great mixture of music: this one locks right into some really nice n raw all night long house music and will appeal to all fans of soulful/deep music but also particularly to all fans of LM047, LM042 or LM039. 1:28:07

LM053A: Brian Not Brian - Good Hut Riviera Tape Side A.mp3
LM053B: Brian Not Brian - Good Hut Riviera Tape Side B.mp3
Last summer Brian Not Brian shipped this cassette all the way from Going Good HQ over there in Brixton to Vancouver so that we could bump it at the House of Doors record release down there at Crab Park in the sun. Everyone who came thought the mix was just perfect for our day in the park by the port. Here it is for you to check out now. Thanks Brian (-: 30:00 + 30:00 (60:00)

LM052: Total Stasis - Taurean Steam Garden.mp3
If this coastal cold snap we've been having is cutting through your layers then this mix is gonna be the one for you because it's a really nice and warm one (quite ambient). Total Stasis is a very important underground record label based in Montreal and they've put out some really heavy hitting CanCon on wax including records from Ramzi and the Aquarian Foundation. Check it out One of the great Libra Mixes! 1:02:50

LM51: DJ D. Dee - Mix for Libra Mix.mp3
So happy to have a mix from one of this city's Finest collectors and selectors - this one is packed wall to wall with wonderful+warm music so right click and save! Check out DJ D. Dee's great record shop and record label www.pacificrhythm.org while you listen: 1:08:13

LM050: Horiztonal Communication Corridor - Side A.mp3
Here we are at 50 mixes! So of course thank you for your support and for getting down with us throughout all four seasons of each year. This particular mix - The Horizontal Communication Corridor mix - has been incubating for more than two years, unheard and lost in Hashman's stacks but now archived here on libramix. Topographically intriguing but so heavy-headed selections by three unnamed selectors. Side B will be coming at you soon enough, so please stay tuned and keep checkin' back. 47:02

LM49: Conga Radio - Mix for Libra Mix.mp3
Why hesitate to lock into this uplifting arrangement of slammers from Conga Radio - that's one part Roberto S and one part Jexopolis: the Chief Executive Selector over at Good Timin' records (one of the HOTTEST music labels not just in Ontario but the world)? The perfect soundtrack for this Été indien.. Check it out: https://soundcloud.com/good-timin 59:00

LM48: Suzanne Kraft and Parker - Dark Drinks Mix.mp3
This one is ClaudioCertified: Libra Mix Classique! An unrushed and relaxed B2B cruise thru the City of Angels and on out to Altadena with Suzanne Kraft and Parker. AKA 2 Knobs Sail Knob Creek - Right click and save! 1:59:51

LM047: Backroom Boys vs PLO Mann.mp3
The Backroom Boys are literally back in Vancouver and ready to get down with you. So, come down to the welcome home dance at Skylite on Saturday September 6th, presented by Libra Mix . org - Backroom Boys B3B all night long and you know what that means! Here is a mix the boys recorded with PLO Mann over there in Berlin, Germany just last week - just a taste of the 'wibes' that may or may not be in effect this weekend. For more details please email information@libramix.org and we'll See you on the floor! 1:28:17

LM044: House of Doors - Atmoscloud Mix.mp3
Maybe you noticed that we forgot Libra Mix #44! Well here it is: a misted and lifted home listening selection by House of Doors - worthy of the wait. We'll be 'out of the office' for the next month so take this time to sift through the archives, we'll be back up and at 'em in September. Hoping your summer is everything you dreamed of. 57:04

LM046: Liam Butler present Grip the Mix! Vol. 4 - Starting Over.mp3
This is a personal mix about trying to change. Dedicated to the dancers on July 12th. 58:13

LM045: House of Doors and Jack J - Jazz.mp3
It's been an extremely heavy hitting summer in Vancouver - so many beautiful smiling faces and dances that haven't stopped until the sun has risen. Last night that super moon beamed down hard and hot all around the world and we hope that you were able benefit from the extreme power of this wild not mild lunar event, wherever on this crazy Planet E it is you call you home. On this new day, today, Jack J and House of Doors would like to share this spicy and progressive fusion funk mix with you - thanks guys! 1:35:30

LM043: Ruf Dug - Island Life Mix.mp3
We are so happy to present this lush arrangement from one of the most FF deejays in this game: Ruf Dug! Recorded at his ghetto Compass Point studio in the Caribbean this one gives us a little glimpse into what the man has been up to during his time in the tropics. Right click n save! 51:11

LM042: LNS - Leafly Mix.mp3
Libra Mix resident LNS presents: a concentration of urban wax, played with that special 563 resident touch of class and sass. 59:46

LM041: The Backroom Boys - Tuesday Night at "the Hut" Mix Part III.mp3
The Backroom Boys doing their Tuesday night thang down there at the Hut. This one is quite thrilling, very high energy! Give it a listen. 1:27:47

LM040: Local Artist - Tribute Mix.m4a
To celebrate our 40th mix, we asked Local Artist to provide a mix for us. As expected, he came through in an exceptionally smooth style.

Here, now, Local Artist: live on the decks. Ooffering us a selection of 12" vinyl recordings blended, exploring esoteric and essential facets of what's becoming known as the Canadian Rivera sound. In this informal/inspired session, recorded live in the back room, while the Sun Raw cosmic jazz cover band rattles away in the front Lounge.

Thank you Local Artist! 1:01:04

LM039: Club 563 Promotional Mix.mp3
The Club 563 resident deejays put this scorchin' mix together to promote the Club 563 party that went down last weekend here in the Glass City. Let's hear what Hashman had to say to describe the mix: "A hot n’ juicy slab of funky club house and old-school-scraps delivered direct from the Mansion; Nothing pretentious here, incl. more than enough classics - HASHMAN, LNS, AND D.DEE in the mix anticipating their one-off celebration “CLUB 563" next weekend in Vancouver, B.C. No need to remind us!" No need indeed! Thanks for this great mix, can't wait for the party to start. 1:33:19

LM038: Musique Libra - Ba Le Mirror Mix.mp3
And we're back! Hi, well we have been laying low for the last few weeks. Very busy at the office but we have a few new mixes coming through the pipeline. Let's get started with a great one from our friends Musique Libra aka Musique Librique: a nice mix of deep dance and other interesting artefacts. Includes some unreleased material! Check it out. Have a good day! 1:36:34

LM037: Liam Butler presents Grip the Mix! Vol.3 - Lazing Loving Monday.mp3
Now here is a mix to relax to, this is what it's all about. Take your loved one by the hand, maybe light that high quality beeswax candle you were gifted and use this time to celebrate your sensuality, your way! 1:03:55

LM036: LNS - Feels Mix.mp3
And we're back! We are excited to kick off this latest Gregorian calendar with a mix by one of our favourite deejays, LNS. As usual no nonsense from start to finish and recorded live at Club 563. Right click and save as! 1:10:14

LM035: Dee-J Phe Presents- Mood Hut Mix 9.mp3
Well it has been a huge first year for Libra Mix. What started as a small soundcloud page over at soundcloud.com has expanded to a webpage independent of soundcloud with over 23 hits per day in just 6 months. While it's hard for us to fathom the runaway success of libramix.org we are remaining humble and with our feet on the ground. Trying to integrate our website onto the internet is a challenge we face every day, especially since becoming independent, but thanks to our veteran coder and web programmer (Hi Claudio!) we think we've managed to keep Libramix at the very forefront in the cutthroat business of archival deejay mix pages from the Fraser Valley. Thanks to everyone who has put us in the "links section" of their own websites, it really makes a difference! Keep 'em comin'.

But enough with the sentimental speech, let's get to some music!

To end the year 2013 we are extremely proud and honoured to host parts one AND two of Mood Hut Mix #9 mixed "in Hut" by Dee-j Phe. You can't hear this anywhere else and as far as we are concerned, it doesn't get any hotter than this. This is 100% unreleased material from the Mood Hut. As usual, you can right click and "save as" on this mix and any mix on this page - for free! For tracklist call 1800 - DeeJPhe. Not sure if that number works but try it!

Thanks again for checkin' out Libra Mix.org! See you in the new year for more interesting mixes from the Canadian Riviera. 53:13

LM034: Early - Pacific Rhythm Mix.mp3
Finally! This very special transmission from Early (one of the board of directors over at Pacific Rhythm Inc) will be available on audio cassette tape tomorrow (Sunday Dec 15) at the Collectors and Selectors Convention in Vancouver. 105 E. Pender Street, 2pm - 8pm. See you there! 1:01:31

LM033: House of Doors - Rainbath.mp3
Allow House of Doors to cleanse you in a rhythmic shower of blue-grey hues. 53:33

LM032: House of Doors - Marulilu.mp3
Come on in to Marulilu and warm up with House of Completely Door: having only the best to be expected from Cambie Street! 48:21

LM031: Pender Street Steppers - Scorpio Mix.mp3
The Pender Street Steppers take us for a night time drift thru the City of Glass. Strap in. 1:47:50

LM030: Liam Butler presents Grip the Mix! Vol. 2.mp3
Liam Butler returns with Volume II of his wonderful Grip the Mix series. This one was recorded live at Vancouver's favourite record shopping centre - BEAT STREET - on a Saturday afternoon this fall. This mix is dedicated to our hardworking friend in Toronto Canada: Mr Charlie Stocking! Thanks Charlie. 45:34

LM029: Florist - Setup Mix.mp3
A flawless arrangement by Florist himself. Highly recommended for the holiday season. 2:08:08

LM028: DJ Jack and DJ Liam - Live @ the Buk Jang Libra Festival.mp3
Aside from three baffling photographs, this mix is the only documentation of October's hazy Libra Festival at the rising Buk Jang Niteclub. Anyone with info about what happened after the 4L rice wine came out is encouraged to help us fill in the gaps: information@libramix.org Dedicated to all the Libras and Ari_G (discogs, look him up)! 1:21:58

LM027: Andry - Your Mix.mp3
Andry takes us on an organic trip through his weird and wonderful record collection. Recommended for you. Recommended for anyone. 1:21:58

LM026: 2ibra - Mood Hut Mix 004.mp3
Let's begin our Mood Hut Mix retrospective with the under appreciated Mix 004: this one was recorded "In Hut" by 2ibra, aka Musique Librique, some time in 2012. Highlights include: Hardaway's lost gem 'Limekind' at 16:40, Jack J's emotional 'Girlfriend' at 35:12 and No Gold's untitled stomper at 42:46. Archival. 47:14

LM025: JJ and LB Present - Morning Prayer Part II.mp3
After an extended hibernation, the Morning Prayer mix returns to bask in the November sun with you and your family. Can assist in making the breakfast of your dreams. 2:32:47

LM024: Terekke - DJ Mix 2.mp3
Terekke comes thru exceptionally smooth with this great mix from his NYC HQ. Keeping the Libra Mix approach strong from start to finish. Check it out. 58:26

LM023: LNS - "001" Mix.mp3
Hatchback cruisin' with LNS! Certified 100% nonsense free. Recorded live at Club 563. 1:17:10

LM022: The Backroom Boys - Tuesday Night at "The Hut" Mix Part II.mp3
The Backroom Boys do their thing on a Tuesday night down at the Mood Hut, 524 Main Street. Lots of great Beat Street gems in this one! They provided a tracklist, thanks guys: LM022 Track List.rtf 2.01.05

LM021: House of Doors - Vitamin D Mix.mp3
After the final celebration in September at Cafe Du Mer, the Gulf Island niteclubs shut down for the season and we slowly head back to the city to assume reflective moods. Unfortunately many of us find that the searing heights of NW summer bliss are matched by equally intense swings down into the dark as the clouds roll in for their 8 month residency. Maybe you aren't feeling it just quite yet and maybe you won't at all but might we recommend putting this one in your medicine cabinet just in case. Specially formulated by our in-house mood expert Dr. Door! 46.45

LM020: Transient - Nacreous Projections.mp3
Our first international mix: all the way from across the Georgia Straight (Victoria BC), Transient (aka the DJ's DJ) sent this one express on the Queen of Surrey early Tuesday morning. Includes some extremely rare material from group Mood Hut. Grab some White Spot and take a listen to this one asap. TIP! 1.15.12

LM019: Dolby J Presents - Un Tourist des Emotions Mix.mp3
Welcome back to Libra Mix. In this episode, Deejay Dolby J takes us on a guided tour of some emotions that he has been experiencing recently - see if you can 'tune-in' to them all. We were able to spot 7 unique emotions but "Dolbs" insists that emotions are fluid and not quantifiable in that way - what a tripper! 1.06.35

LM018: House of Doors - Technopsych.mp3
House of Doors once again proving that they have the entry and exit game on lock here in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. Another wonderful bite size mix! 40:23

LM017: The Backroom Boys - Tuesday Night at "The Hut" Mix.mp3
Just another Tuesday night down at The Mood Hut. Resident deejay group The Backroom Boys maneuver a relatively wide eyed vibe for the lucky dancers. 1:02:06

LM016: LNS B2B DJ D. Dee - Live at Club 563.mp3
The essential pair go B2B at Club 563: Vancouver's most luxurious Deejay shelter. 1:39:38

LM015: Hashman Deejay Presents - Trippin the Mix Vol. 6.m4a
The long overdue Vol. 6 of Hashman's controversial 'Trippin' the Mix' Series. 1:18:53

LM014: Hashman Deejay presents - Dream Letters to SF.m4a
Hashman Deejay's guided "trip" down the west coast. Tip: Turn your pockets inside out before you get in the car. 1:01:06

LM013: Hashman DJ - live @ Celebrities NightClub 2013-07-29.m4a
More than any other, Celebrities Night Club defines what it means to be a TRUE North West dance club (Niteclub Babylon not withstanding). Hashman Deejay's deejay set on a hot Monday in July (recorded by LM without his knowledge!) is a pinnacle example of how we like to express ourselves out here West of the Rockies. What a night. 1:04:38

LM012: Hashman DJ Presents - HAZE Mix.m4a
These transmissions found their way from Point Roberts, Washington. A great example of the "Can't C Shit" style of that region: smoked out, best engaged with in a non-vertical position. Medicinal license required for this one, call the hotline to book an appointment with our naturopath. 1:04:38

LM011: Ttam Renat - Florallusions II (Mix).m4a
Another strangely scented arrangement from LMHQ. Right click and save before continuing! 1:04:38

LM010: Ttam Renat - Florallusions (Mix).m4a
Evocative + ethereal, the Riviera's premiere tripper savant still manages to make us all feel "as welcome as water." 47:35

LM009B: House of Doors Strolling Side B.mp3
Side B, the journey home. 32:10

LM009A: House of Doors - Strolling Side A.mp3
A guided tour with and to the House of Doors: down Clark from 8th, north, all the way up to Georgia. Shouts to the unmarked memorial! Shouts to Sunset Terrace! 30:14

LM008: Liam Butler - Grip the Mix! Vol. 1: So Many Days.mp3
Thank you Deejay Liam Butler. This is an outstanding mix of music. 1:00:45

LM007: House of Doors - Cruisin Canadian Riviera.mp3
The Canadian Riviera is where we work and play and THIS is our soundtrack! Seminal. 38:22

LM006: Jack J - Morning Prayer.mp3
You gotta take a listen to this one! For bright mornings and warm evenings, deep blue to bright tangerine. 1:00:48

LM005: Pender Street Steppers - Northern Perspectives Part II.mp3
Slightly more cerebral than we have come to expect from the PSS scally wags. But everything's relative right? Great mix. 1:18:06

LM004: Musique Librique - Deja Brew Mix.mp3
A far flung yet balanced approach from Musique Librique. Interesting stereo effect. Includes some unreleased material, TIP! 2:42:14

LM003: Mood Hut - Live at Prospect Point.mp3
2+ hours of Mood Hut at Prospect Point this last July 2013. Stay to the end to hear infamous graffiti cop Valerie Spicer pull the plug! Shouts to North Van. 2:17:31

LM002: The Back Room Boys - Tha Lost Tapes Part V: The Myst.mp3
Where it all began: Take off your clothes, open your eyes - if you can see through the myst that is! 1:30:39

LM001B: House of Doors - JassNJoss Side B.mp3
Side II of this essential cassette recording! 32:00

LM001A: House of Doors - JassNJoss Side A.mp3
House of Doors in the cockpit, Calcutta 2 Cali, economy plus. 32:42